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The health and safety of our guests and our workers is paramount. 


Hotel Mas Pelegri is a small hotel with only 17 bedrooms. Staying at a small hotel will reduce your contact with large groups of people, thereby increase your social distancing and reduce your chances of coming into contact with someone who is infectious with Covid-19. 


The dining room and common areas at Hotel Mas Pelegri have very high ceilings, so there is a large air volume for the number of people. We have also added a ventilation system to the main building to enable air exchange with the outside fresh air. The ground floor bedrooms including the garden suites each have their own access direct from the outside. The majority of our guests spend their days outdoors, biking, hiking and running. So the people time indoors is significantly reduced. There are also many different living areas in the hotel and many outdoor spaces to relax in. So this allows for even more social distancing. 


At Hotel Mas Pelegri, we already have a strict policy on each of us not working if we are sick. But obviously with Covid-19 you maybe infectious even though you show no symptoms, so with everyone being honest about if they suddenly develop the infection, we then know if we are safe to work. Honesty through this next year is very important. So we ask all of our guests to be honest with us and we will be honest with them, so we can all take appropriate measures to protect everyone. All of us at the Hotel will be wearing FPP2 masks when serving or in contact with you.

What we are doing at Hotel Mas Pelegri to protect our guests and workers safety?

  • Increase the number of hand sanitisers around the hotel. Before they were just in the dining room, now we will put them at the entrance of the main Masia and pool, at the entrance of the garden suites, as well as in the public bathrooms, in the bike room at the entrance to the gym/yoga studio, in the kitchen and as always, have them in the dining room.

  • Paper towels in public bathrooms. Regular cleaning for each public bathroom. Sanitising door handles, light switches and any surfaces people may touch. 

  • Hand towels for each guest if friends are sharing a room. We have always put bath towels on the separate beds for a group booking so that each person has their own towel. We will add more hooks in the bathroom so friends sharing can keep their towels separate.

  • Decontaminating the cleaning products between cleaning each room.

  • Workers sanitising hands and shoes between each room.

  • When rooms are cleaned all light switches, door handles etc are sanitised. Mattress covers and bed covers are cleaned between guests. Please ask if you require an extra blanket or pillow as we are asked (new rules) not to store extras in the bedrooms.

  • We already clean our hands between touching used plates and going onto touch clean items. This will continue as always. We have separate clean and dirty areas in the kitchen. Tea towels are only used 1x and then hot washed. Surfaces will be continually be sanitised. All surfaces and floors are sanitised after each meal.

  • We plan to offer room service breakfast and evening dinner on trays in guests rooms. This will be served at specific times and guests will be asked to fill out a request sheet/form the afternoon before. Obviously guests can still come to the dining room for meals and we encourage people to still move around the hotel as normal. Masks will be welcome, but it is always difficult to put food in ones mouth while wearing a mask. So the best option will be to sanitise your hands before sitting down to eat and then trying not cough or sneeze in the dining room. You can run outside of the dining room if you need to cough or sneeze. After all our guests are all fit :). You are also welcome to eat outside on the patio. If you do need to cough or sneeze unexpectedly inside while at a table please grab a paper napkin to contain it as best as possible, then sanitise your hands etc afterwards.

  • Each bike will be sanitised before it is rented out to a new guest. We have bike hanging stations in a large bike room so bikes can be kept well spaced. Bike tools and the track pumps will be sanitised regularly. We will ask guests to sanitise their hands before they use the bike pumps and tools. So it will be just like you take a shower before you get into a public swimming pool. 

  • In the gym/yoga studio we will ask guests to use the hand sanitiser before they start. Each day the gym will be cleaned and sanitised. During workouts it also helps to have the windows ajar to increase ventilation. Guests will be encouraged to take their workout outdoors onto the patio by the pool or by the entrance to their garden suite or on the patio next to the table tennis table. Exterior patios will also be cleaned daily. But the sun should also help with keeping the exteriors sanitised.

  • If you require transfers the vehicle will be sanitised between each transfer.

  • At this time (from 21st April, 2022) masks are not longer required in public buildings (exceptions: hospitals, old people homes, anything medical) but we working at Hotel Mas Pelegri are continuing to use them when we are looking after guests inside. Our guests health and safety is incredibly important to us.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can make your stay healthier and safer please feel free to contact us.

Your health and safety is incredibly important to us.
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